Device Vendors

Enhance manageability, create competitive advantage

Competitive advantage

  • Are head-end/management systems demanded by customers but not part of your technology strength?
  • With kalki.io you can partner with an industry leader in getting data from the field to the head-end and eliminate the issue of siloed or incomplete data access for your customers.
  • We can help you enhance your head-end application by leveraging our core services to improve your application and provide you with access to data to enhance your offering

Device Health Monitoring

  • Your customers need insights into the health of your devices; feeding the data into a closed system is limiting.
  • Kalki.io can collect all types of health data and keeps historical records, readily accessible to customers or apps.
  • It makes remote monitoring of equipment health a dependable option that simplifies what you can offer to your customers

Data accessible for Predictive Analytics

  • Device maintenance is often performed only post failure.
  • The ability to identify pre-failure patterns requires access to the right data to make these predictions.
  • With kalki.io, data is available for recognizing such patterns.
  • You can convert health check experience to analytics applications or use simple events / alerts to improve uptime and performance

Fault Alerts & Maintenance Notifications

  • Periodic maintenance based on a fixed schedule can be limiting leading to unplanned downtime as well as other issues that increase costs.
  • With kalki.io, you can avoid this with ongoing health checks and instant notification of thresholds out of compliance
  • Providing early awareness of potential problems and assisting customers in prioritization of maintenance based on real data, not just a fixed schedule