Streamline management by aggregating visibility and management for all field apps

Limitless SCADA Data Acquisition Ability

  • Limited scalability of existing systems and inability to add new types of sensor devices are common issues with existing grid systems
  • Kalki.io overcomes these challenges as the platform is built for scale. It can handle both traditional as well as smart sensors/devices. It can act as a data acquisition system for existing SCADA/DMS/ EMS systems

IT/OT Integration

  • Siloed and/or limited data and device health visibility, vendor-specific protocols, limited vendor-specific management applications, tedious device software and configuration update methods are a challenge to manage and lead to inefficiencies
  • Kalki.io resolves multi-vendor device challenges, offering foundational services and a single pane of glass for aggregating visibility across field devices and systems

Fill in security gaps of your Field Automation

  • Legacy systems often have non-existent or antiquated security provisions for communication and access authorization
  • Kalki.io's centralized authentication and role-based access privileges can help you overcome your access issues