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What is kalki.io?

Kalki.io is a secure energy IoT foundation for enabling applications that deliver actionable intelligence for IT/OT transformation

What can it do?

  • Real-time monitoring and control of SCADA, current and digital field assets
  • Centralized fault and asset management
  • Software distribution management for field systems
  • Securely shares data to enable advanced real-time and predictive analytics
  • Foundation for building robust 3rd party and customized applications

Kalki.io provides a wide range of benefits for utilities:

  • Improve efficiencies of people, processes, systems
  • Real-time and predictive analysis provides actionable intelligence for informed decision making
  • Reduced operational costs


Data interconnect with third-party systems

  • Efficiently sharing data (SCADA, EMS, DMS) facilitating and improving analytics
  • Secure pipe between utility systems and applications requiring data

Real-time visibility and control

  • Unified interface for grid devices, input / output signals, history data, alarm logs and traffic logs
  • Centralized and secure management of grid device configurations (for multiple devices at one go)
  • Firmware update management reducing time and effort (for multiple devices at one go)

App store

  • Ease of access to array of off-the-shelf third party applications that leverage platform data
  • Certified compatibility with kalki.io platform

Developer Zone

  • Enable building of applications leveraging kalki.io APIs and data store
  • Options for device vendors to integrate data with kalki.io for creating user interfaces or additional data processing capabilities
  • Development kits accelerate creation, validation and deployment of applications

What's in it for You?


  • Limitless SCADA Data Acquisition Ability
  • IT/OT Integration
  • Fill in security gaps of your Field Automation

Device Vendors

  • Competitive advantage
  • Device Health Monitoring
  • Data accessible for Predictive Analytics
  • Fault Alerts & Maintenance Notifications

Software Vendors

  • Enable creation of new high value applications
  • Quick & Simple APIs for Field Data
  • Development Kits
  • Expanded market reach as part of online app store