Meter Data Pack

Cloud based meter data acquisition service for Industrial, Residential and Commercial establishments

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Device Access Pack

A secure remote device access and management service for your equipment and assets.

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Solar Data Pack

Remote monitoring
and management of Industrial &
Commercial Solar PV systems

Learn more is a data acquisition software platform for energy IoT applications.


Energy meters, protection relays/IEDs, event loggers, disturbance/fault recorders, PLCs/RTUs, Gateways, IoT Sensors

DNP3.0, IEC-104, IEC-61850, MODBUS and 100+ utility & industry protocols


Device data monitoring and visualization, Device firmware and configuration management, Device fault management

Device Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Data Encryption, Audit Trail


REST APIs, Data Sources for Integration with any System, SCADA Protocols for integrating with SCADA Systems

Standard Connectors for Popular ERP, Historian, Billing Systems

Deployment Options


  • Highly secure dedicated or multi-tenant variant
  • Hosted on public cloud or a private cloud of your choice
  • Fully managed and maintained by Kalkitech


  • hosted on customer's servers or pre-loaded on an appliance provided by Kalkitech
  • Management and maintenance offered as a service

Pricing Structure

Base Price

Base PriceMonthly subscription per device based on the selected application package.

Base storage, number of users and network usage included as part of the base price.


StorageStorage - Extended storage limit can be subscribed at a per GB rate

UsersUsers - Additional number of users can be subscribed at a per user rate

Network UsageNetwork Usage - Additional outbound traffic can be subscribed at per GB per month rate

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