Software Vendors

Expand app creation opportunities, accelerates development

Enable creation of new high value applications

  • Closed legacy grids offer no data outside the system, limiting prospects for independent software vendors to create applications. Leveraging kalki.io's secure data store opens to door for vendors to create a multitude of new software applications and services

Quick & Simple APIs for Field Data

  • Lack of a simple framework for easy sharing of data is a serious impediment to building robust services. Kalki.io enables easy, secure access to field data through a structured process using simple, well documented APIs

Development Kits

  • Difficulty in understanding and adapting to unique structures of each customers operations can act as a major challenge to those offering off-the-shelf solutions to customers. Kalki.io provides a structured approach to build software compatible with smart energy, with its offerings of development kits, technical resources and certification services

Expanded market reach as part of online app store

  • Marketing your solution to customers is time consuming and customers need to figure out how your solution fits into their environment. With kalki.io, we offer a ready-built ecosystem that you are a part of, and your solution is certified, simplifying customer deployment and accelerating acceptance