A secure remote device access and management service for your equipment and assets

Benefits of Device Access Pack

Equipment Manufacturers

Improve reliability by pro-active maintenance

Increase asset productivity by reducing downtime

Asset Owners

Reduce unplanned incidents

Reduce estimated replacement cost

O&M service providers

Reduce O&M costs

Protect assets & equipment by taking on-time action

kalki.io Device Access Pack offers a secure connectivity service for remote monitoring and maintenance of field devices

Secure on demand connection between device and a remote workstation for device configuration and troubleshooting

kalki.io acquire data from devices over 100+ industrial and utility specific protocols

Role based access control on device data and configuration access

Solution Components

Application - kalki.io Device Access Pack provides remote configuration and management access for field devices by securely extending the connectivity between device's programming port and engineering tool over a public/private network. Device Access pack also can be used to acquire data from a device over a wide number of utility, industry and IOT protocols supported.

Edge Gateway/Proxy Software - Supports commonly used utility and industry protocols like Modbus, IEC-60870, DNP3.0 etc. along with kalki.io connectivity. SyncConnect also can be used as a proxy for securely connecting private networks to kalki.io. SyncConnect runs in any standard Linux OS based hardware/Virtual Machines/Containers. Validated in many commercial off the shelf hardware

kalki.io Device Agent - Provides a standard methodology for establishing a secure connectivity from resource constrained devices like modems or communication modules of devices to kalki.io

Sync Substation Gateway/OEM Module Hardware - Sync Gateways are substation ruggedized hardware for communicating with devices installed in substations or power utility's T&D network. Sync hardware boxes and OEM modules come pre-installed with SyncConnect. Sync hardware boxes are also available on lease for qualified customers.

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