Benefits of SyncConnect Edge

Equipment / Device Manufactures

Improve equipment/device reliability by pro-active maintenance

Optimize your support and maintenance cost using remote access and management

Enhance your equipment to leverage IoT opportunities

Asset Owners

Centralized monitoring of your asset securely to ensure high ROI

Minimize equipment damage and reduce replacement cost

Lower overall cost of ownership for monitoring and maintenance

System Integrators

Reduce your integration cost with plug and communicate with any device using field proven protocol adaptors

Seamless sharing of data with multiple systems/ IoT platforms


Data Collection

  • Real-time and historic data acquisition
  • Proven Interoperability with sensors, controllers, measurement devices and protection relays
  • A large library of protocol support for standard and legacy protocols

Cloud Integration

  •, Amazon AWS, Azure
  • Other IoT Platforms over MQTT, OPC UA

Data Processing & Storage

  • Real time streaming and data processing
  • Store data periodically or an event basis
  • Database Management Options
  • ML and AI integration

Device Management & Security

  • TLS 1.2 based communication security
  • Secure role-based access control using x.509 PKI
  • Remote Configuration and settings
  • Over the air firmware and patches updates

Application Packages


SyncConnect 100

Substation Pack

SyncConnect 110

Industrial Pack

SyncConnect 120

Gateway Pack

SyncConnect 130

Protocol Support
DNP3/IEC104/IEC101/Modbus/DLMS/SunSpec / IEEE 2030.5 / OCPP
IEC 61850 / DNP3 / IEC 104 / IEC 101 / IEC 103* / Modbus / DLMS
Modbus / Ethernet IP / BACNet IP / DNP3 / DLMS
Selectable Protocol License
Database Support
Influx DB
Cloud Integration
Edge Analytics Support
Simple Logic Engine
IEC 61131 Logic Engine
AWS GreenGrass

Note : - Included, - Optional

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Certified Partner Hardware

To meet the diverse and fast-growing demands of edge data collection and intelligence, SyncConnect can be tested and certified on additional edge hardware on request.